Pork Crackling with Rice

prep 5 mins, plus drying and chilling overnight cook 36–40 mins
  • 1 kg (2 lb) pork belly (lean, if possible)
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 2 teaspoons rice wine vinegar
  • sunflower oil, for deep-frying

Clean the pork and cut into 4 pieces, pat dry with kitchen paper and allow to dry for 1 hour.

Use a knife to score through the rind with diagonal cuts about 1 cm (½ inch) apart, in a diamond pattern. Prick the rind all over with a folk. Rub the meat with the salt and the rind with the vinegar. Leave at room temperature for 4–5 hours and keep dry overnight in the refrigerator.

Heat 7 cm (3 inches) of oil in a wok over a medium heat. When the oil appears ready to deep-fry, drop a small piece of garlic into it. If it sizzles immediately, the oil is ready. Lower each piece of pork, rind side down, into the oil and deep-fry for 8–10 minutes until lightly browned and crispy. Drain on kitchen paper. Repeat with the remaining pork pieces. Slice into smaller pieces and arrange on top of boiled rice.

Serve with Sweet Chilli Sauce (see page 36) or use as required.

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