World Cuisine

Lamb-Stuffed Pittas

cook 10 mins
  • 25 g (1 oz) rocket leaves
  • 20 green olives, pitted and sliced
  • 2 red peppers, cored, deseeded and sliced
  • 2 avocados, stoned and chopped
  • 2 tomatoes, chopped
  • 4 spring onions, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon Italian salad dressing
  • 4 pitta breads
  • 300 g (10 oz) leftover or shop-bought ready-cooked lamb, sliced
  • Mix together the rocket leaves, olives, red peppers, avocados, tomatoes and spring onions in a bowl.
  • Toss in the Italian salad dressing.
  • Cook the pitta breads under a preheated hot grill for 1–2 minutes. While they are still warm, run a knife down one side and split them open to make 4 pockets.
  • Divide the cooked lamb between each pitta and then spoon in the salad to serve.
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